Canberra landscape and garden design

Dimension Gardenscape offer a holistic approach to landscape design, construction and maintenance across the Canberra and Queanbeyan region.

With over 20 years experience in the industry, Dimension Gardenscape is the sure choice for handling all your landscape and garden needs. Our team of highly experienced horticultural and landscape specialists are ready to bring local knowledge and passion to doing what we know best: "Improve Your Property and Your Lifestyle"!


Whether your garden needs a facelift, or your barbeque area is old and tired, or perhaps your lawn is barely surviving – we can show you what is possible.

We build new gardens and outdoor entertaining areas to suit your lifestyle. You might be your own gardener, looking to build up your veggie and flower beds, or maybe your busy life demands a landscape that takes care of itself. At Dimension Gardenscape we apply all our experience to achieving your goals.






We are experienced in construction of retaining walls and raised garden beds, paths, terraces and paved areas, as well as timber decks, pergolas, fences and gateways. We know Canberra soils and climate so we choose plants that will thrive with low maintenance and low irrigation.

Our garden maintenance team includes fully qualified horticulturists to make the right choices with your plants and soil in every season. Lawn mowing and hedge trimming, mulching and fertilizing, weed removal, replanting and garden refurbishment are just the start of the landscape maintenance service at Dimension Gardenscape. We will work with you to set the standard for your environment.

Contact Dimension Gardenscape today so we can "Improve Your Property and Your Lifestyle" !

Choosing the Best Canberra Landscapers, and Garden Design Experts

Whether you have an existing garden which needs to be renovated, or you want a completely new garden layout, knowing where and how to find Canberra landscapers or garden design experts is a must. The next important thing is to know what questions you should ask them prior to hiring. You need to make sure that they are knowledgeable in the area of garden design that you are hiring them for. As a very simple example, you simply cannot hire a person that never built Canberra retaining walls if that is what you want included in your landscaping project.

The first steps in finding that perfect Canberra landscaper is to check your local phone book for people specializing in garden design, or alternatively check online. You are probably going to find more companies or individuals to choose from if you do your searching online.

Once you did enough online searching and you come up with a list of Canberra landscapers who specialize in garden design, start weeding them out by making your list shorter. There are things that you can do when you try to see what specialist to hire for gardening in Canberra. Here are 4 of the most important ones:

  1. Visit their websites and take a look at photographs they have of previous jobs they have done. Photos speak louder than words when it comes to the quality of their work. You can easily see if their style suits your needs. For instance, when you want to hire specialists for pergolas Canberra projects, see if the pergolas that are presented on the site are attractive for you.
  2. Check to see if they have any testimonials or feedback on their website. If they do, contact them and see if they can provide you with phone numbers of previous clients whom you can call for references.
  3. Check pricing of their services. Remember that just because it's the most expensive doesn't mean it's the best and the cheapest is not always the best value. Sometimes the best gardening specialists will offer cheap prices. Don't make price your primary factor when choosing the final contractor. Consider quality first.
  4. Call them and ask specific questions relating to their business. Are they licensed? How long have they been in business? Are they members of any organizations related to Canberra landscaping or garden design? Have they had any complaints filed with the ACCC (The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission)? These are just a couple of questions you can ask. Also, ask them very specific questions regarding their knowledge of what you want done in your yard or garden but do your research first so that you know the correct article. For instance, see what the best decking Canberra material is based on your need and see if the landscaper will tell you the same thing.

Just a quick recap. Make sure you investigate the Canberra landscapers that you are looking to hire. Look at previous work they have done when it comes to garden design. Ask for references. If you really like them and their price is a little high, ask them if they can offer a discount. You might be surprised with a yes. This is especially true in the event that the landscaping project is large. There is no professional that would not agree to offer a discount when you hire him to do both pergolas Canberra projects and decking Canberra work while also employing them for other gardening purposes. Make sure to see if maintenance is offered for decking and other landscaping features that would require it. If so, check the deal and see if you should also take advantage of that or look for someone else for maintenance purposes!