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    Welcome to our garden,

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    Come and visit
    our Japanese inspired garden

    part of the

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Here at Dimension Gardenscape, our qualified garden designers apply their experience and creativity to improving your home. If you're looking to capitalise on the unique opportunities and constrains of your property, our landscape designers in Canberra achieve beautiful and cost effective solutions, completed on time and on budget, to suit your lifestyle needs.

Design is the key to form and function, we can manage your project from design to completion or we can provide design services and guidance
Horticulture advice
Site planning
Outdoor entertaining areas
Decks and pergolas
Productive gardens
Australian native gardens
Japanese garden design
Water features


We provide a free quote for all landscaping in Canberra. Our quotes include a breakdown of costs for separate parts of the work, this strategy helps you to decide on your landscaping priorities in your backyard or garden and makes it easier for you to stage the work. Our landscapers in Canberra can also provide you with a schedule of payments for your landscaping, ensuring you know all of your costs up front.
Dimension Gardenscape take pride in the quality of all our construction projects. We construct whole landscapes on new sites, transform existing gardens with new landscape features, as well as total refurbishments.
Retaining Walls
Paving Areas
Lawns & Planting
Decks & Pergolas
Vertical Gardens


Let Dimension Gardenscape give you back the time you need to enjoy life! Our Canberra landscaping maintenance services are the ideal way to ensure your garden remains beautiful and is taken care of all year round. Our maintenance services range from weeding to lawn mowing, irrigation, mulching, hedge trimming, shrub pruning and more! Let Dimension Gardenscape take care of your garden design in Canberra, so you can focus on enjoying your garden and backyard area with more time on your hands!
Maintenance is the key to keeping any beautiful landscaping creation flourishing all year round. Dimension Gardenscape offer you professional service by our dedicated team, so you have the time to enjoy your garden.
Lawn mowing, edging and lawn care
Weeding, and herbicide treatment
Shrub pruning and shaping, including roses
Hedge trimming and shaping
Tree pruning and lopping to 6 metres, including fruit trees
Fertilizing and soil treatment
Planting and plant selection advice
Irrigation - ongoing checks and repair
Organic application applied for the treatment of pests and diseases

Garden Art

Dimension Gardenscape's Canberra garden design services can provide a wide range of Garden Art to personalise your garden and to enhance your living space like no other. A Dimension Gardenscape garden designer will work with your current garden area to create a garden artwork that you're proud of. A garden feature is ideally an expression of your personality and creates a focal point to your garden.
Garden Art
Dimension Gardenscape can work with you to find that special item or install a piece you already have. We have built relationships with a number of local artists and suppliers of specialty materials for creating unique features in your garden.
Garden Art
Unique sculpture in metal or stone
Ceramic vessels
Water features
Vertical garden walls
Large scale rock formations
Decorative screens
Gateway arbors

Design Award

Over 35 million monthly unique users from Australia and around the world select the best of home building, renovation and design, 2016 – Dimension Gardenscape of Karabar has won “Best Of Design” on Houzz®, the leading platform for home renovation and design
Design Award
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About Us

Meet the people behind Dimension Gardenscape

  • Trevor Fuller - Landscaper

    Trevor started as an apprentice green keeper for a bowling club 30 years ago. He moved on to Parliament House to continue with lawn care and expanded his skills into horticulture and irrigation. He began a family business of garden maintenance on weekends about 15 years ago, developing into a full time business soon afterwards. He established Dimension Gardenscape in its present form in 2007, and enjoys delivering positive improvements to people’s property and lifestyle throughout Canberra. For impressively beautiful landscape designs in Canberra, Trevor and the team here at Dimension Gardenscape, are your go-to garden experts!
  • Trevor Fuller - Landscaper

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Dimension Gardenscape specialises in landscaping in Canberra and Queanbeyan. We specialise in balcony gardens, general garden design & landscaping and courtyard gardens and garden maintenance services.
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